Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable people to connect with the right people in the most efficient and effective ways, combining high touch with high tech tools.



Connect More Now (CMN) is an alliance of human “Connectors” helping people connect for fun and profit. It is a team effort BY Professional Connectors FOR connectors of all kinds.

Life is the greatest game of all, and those who play it as a team sport are more likely to win. In the famous words of E. M. Forster at the conclusion of Howard’s End, “Only Connect!”

Our team combines professional knowledge, skills, and tools to facilitate teamwork, synergy, and leverage. Our key providers are gifted with a rare combination of both “high tech and high touch” skills. If you listen to the news, you frequently hear that the CIA depends on “human intelligence on the ground” as well as high tech communication tools.

We understand that the road to success is always “under construction.” However, as we role out our pre-launch, we will remain focused on our core mission of enabling the right people to connect with the right people in the most efficient and effective ways.

It is well known that people prefer to do business with whom they know, like, and trust. Networking is based on the realization that liking and trust can be leveraged by the influence of who you know and who they know. The leverage is dependent on how they feel about you. Our Connectors are liked and trusted by thousands of leaders through relationships developed over 90 years of collective experience in the relationship marketing profession. All of the above is based on communication, and our products and services facilitate effective communication.


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