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There are two sections in this test: Strengths & Limitations
(numbers 1-30) and Situations (numbers 31-45). Please read the
instructions for both sections and make sure you understand them
before beginning the test.

PART 1 : Strengths & Limitations

This section consists of 30, 4-word clusters. For each cluster choose
the one trait that best describes how you behaved AS A CHILD. Try not
to focus on how you wish you were, or how you would like to be.
Remember, your first impression is usually the best.

PART 2 : Situations

This section consists of 15 situations with four possible reactions to each.
Again, consider the reactions in each question and mark the one response
most like you AS A CHILD.

  1. As a child, when my friend was in trouble, I was:
  2. In my youth, I was most often criticized for being:
  3. In my youth, life was most meaningful when it:
  4. When I was embarrassed as a child, my natural reaction was to:
  5. Doing my chores was:
  6. In an argument with a parent, I was typically:
  7. When interacting with others as a child, I was most concerned with being:
  8. When making decisions with a group of my friends I was typically:
  9. In social situations, I was most often:
  10. When I failed as a child, I felt:
  11. To feel alive and positive in my youth, I sought:
  12. If a friend crossed me:
  13. As a child, I was:
  14. I was most likely known for being:
  15. As a young person, I generally was seen as:

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