Team Management App

Benefits of having your

own Team App

Put ’em in, Keep ’em in, Move ’em along

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Relationships green Team Communication

Getting information out to your team in a timely manner is important. It helps with building and strengthening your relationship.

Training Teach & Train

Training is important for organization development. Having your own app makes it easier than ever to have your team all teaching and training the same thing. This is key to duplication

Icons Increase Retention

With your own team app you stay connected & build relationships. People feel they are more part of a team.

icon-calendar Calendar

Keep your team informed about important events. Post where you are going to do meetings/events, weekly team conference calls, corporate conference calls etc.

push_messages_icon Push Messaging

Users receive messages on their phone just like a text message. This means more people will read your message than emails that are sent out. You can send important updates, reminders, news items directly to app users.

icon-ribbon Recognition

With your own app you can recognize new rank achievements, feature team members who have weekly success, recognize and welcome new members…

DIY blue icon - do it yourself Do-it-yourself Option

You can control the content of your tabs. Tabs are simple to enter content. You can also load pdf documents for team members.


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